Rehabilitation after Stroke: active rehabilitation

This course contains alle the aspects of a modern approach to Stroke treatment. With international guidelines, we will go in to the process of early assessment and treatment as well as in an ongoing proces. We will show that functional movement in the treatment of stroke is essential for restoring the patient's possibilities in functioning and taking part in activities. We will demonstrate the use of high end technology to train activities for daily life. 

After following this course you:
  • Know the general principles of physiotherapy or motor rehabilitation after Stroke;
  • Know the different phases in Stroke rehabilitation and the specific demands on rehabilitation in each phase;
  • You can select relevant assessment tools and perform an assessment;
  • You can conclude your assessment with a clinical diagnosis;
  • You can make a treatment plan with short term and long term goals;
  • You can select your goals in correspondence tot the ICF and place these in a RPS form;
  • You can demonstrate assessment and treatment skills with a given case.

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Day 1
The first day we will discuss general principles of rehabilitation. We will talk about motor learning and its modern principles and discuss what it means for rehabilitation after Stroke. We will talk about possibilities and difficulties in rehabiliation. We identify the different stages of rehabilitation so you know what to do and when. 

Day 2

The second day we will focus on assessment. We will select diverse evidence based assessment tools and learn you how to work with them. We will discuss assessment in various phases and discuss wich measurements are relevant for evaluation and prognosis.   

Day 3:

On this third day we will discuss and practice principles of treatment of motor disfunctions after Stroke. We will try to implement various aspects of motor learning principles in our treatment. Functional training in all its aspects is a key word.  

Day 4
On day four we will bring in technology to help us in the rehabilitation process. We will demonstrate the use of an arm-robot, walking on a clever treatmill, force measurement equipment and an intelligent electronic rehabilitation form. 

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We will send you a study guide with articles and other reading material. You will make a case of one of your patients, film a short video and formulate a clinical question te be answered. 

After concluding the course and the preparation, you will recieve a certificat of THIM, University of Applied Sciences
4 day course

Physiotherapists, Medical doctors or rehabilitation professionals

Study guide with articles, preparation assignments

Professors of THIM, University of Applied Scieces

Max 20

Event Properties

Event Date 08-09-2022
Event End Date 29-09-2025
Capacity 24
Cut off date 29-09-2024
Individual Price €300,00