ACL Injury: a dynamic systems approach to rehabilitation & prevention

This 2-day course is the fourth in line of courses we do with the Team of Frans Bosch. You can only get access to this course if you followed the basic theoretical course “Strength Training and Coordination” (krachttraining en coördinatie theorie) plus either one of the practical courses “Strength Training and Coordination” or the “Anatomy of Agility” course. So after following at least two of these courses, you are then eligible to enrol in this one. In this course, Teun Thomassen, Physical Development Coach of the Dutch Olympic Team and Leigh Egger, Sports Physiotherapist of the first team at Feyenoord Rotterdam, will bring you a Dynamic Systems approach to rehabilitation of ACL injuries. This course will show that also in early stages of rehab a dynamic systems approach offers many advantages to meet the requirements of high intensity movement in sports. After this course you will be able to develop and guide knee-injury prevention programs and an ACL-rehab process based on modern ideas of motor learning.
The theory in this course is done online before attending the live meetings. The live meetings will start with a Q&A of one hour. The rest of the live day is fully filled with hands on practical training and completing assignments

Physiotherapists in Sports and Rehabilitation and Sports Trainers

Learning Outcomes
- Understand the causative mechanisms of ACL injuries from a motor control standpoint
- Understand the steps in progressing through an ACL guideline
- Learn the fundamental movement attractors for protection of the knee/ACL and how to train these in practice
- Clinical reasoning skills for prescribing elite level exercise prescription in the context of ACL rehabilitation
- Overview of the complex anatomical and biomechanical components that are pivotal to protecting the 
knee joint
- Develop understanding & practice in implementation of a ‘single-stressor’ rehab model in the context
   of ACL injuries
- Innovative strength & conditioning concepts and how to apply these efficiently in the rehab process
   from an early stage
- Understanding a guideline that has competency based steps to continuing competition
- The ability to use the underpinning theoretical principles to develop and adjust rehab planning
- The ability to observe movement patterns and adjust training stress using the principles of motor learning
- Adding practical exercise prescription examples and concepts to the process of ACL rehabilitation

Preparation before day 1 ONLINE

- ACL lesions, what is there to know from a Motor Control standpoint?
- Anatomical and Biomechanic components in protecting the Knee Joint
- A Single Stress Model in ACL injuries. 

Day 1
- Training of fundamental Movement Attractors for protection of the Knee and ACL
- Working on assignments for a guideline on ACL prevention and training
- Early stages of ACL rehab

Day 2
- Training of fundamental Movement Attractors for protection of the Knee and ACL
- Conflicts and interaction of attractors protecting the knee
- Working on assignments for a guideline on ACL prevention and training
- Late stages of ACL rehab

This course has no formel assessment. The certificate is for those who participated two full days and completed the assignments and online preparation.

FBS1 350

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 February 2023

Physiotherapists in Sports

Teun Thomassen, Former Physical Development Coach of the Dutch Olympic Team
Leigh Egger, Physiotherapist / Head of Performance Feyenoord I

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€ 600,00  Lunch and digital materials included.
Language: English   
Entrance after course Strength training and AND Practical OR Anatomy of Agility

Min 12 Max 20

Archimedesbaan 2  Nieuwegein The Netherlands

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Event Date 02-02-2024
Event End Date 03-02-2024
Capacity 16
Cut off date 02-02-2024
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